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Senior Pet Care

Senior pets will have unique needs to keep them healthy and comfortable, so we tailor our examinations and treatments to your pet's age.

Caring for Senior Pets

We know that you want to keep your pet thriving for as long as possible, which is why it is important to adapt to changing needs as they get older. We put a special emphasis on senior pet care at Founders Green animal clinic so you get as much time as you can with your best friend. As older pets have weakened immune systems, certain medical conditions typically do not appear until later in life. Older pets are especially likely to deal with things like arthritis and diabetes.

We recommend that all senior pets come in for an examination twice a year so we can stay on top of health concerns that might come with aging. During your pet's examination, we will conduct bloodwork, a urinalysis, and take diagnostic imaging. By continuously monitoring your aging pet's health, we can catch any issue as soon as it arises.


During our biannual bloodwork for senior pets, we will look for common conditions like anemia, infection, diabetes, kidney disease, and liver disease. Bloodwork lets us see how everything is working on the inside and lets us make a plan if anything pops up.


Urinalysis is a great way to look at the overall health of your pet, and can identify things like urinary tract infections, liver disease, and diabetes, and gives us an idea of glucose regulation and kidney and bladder function. Urinalysis looks for things that should not be in urine, like blood, sugar, or proteins.

Diagnostic Imaging

We use diagnostic imaging which includes things like ultrasounds and x-rays in conjunction with bloodwork, examinations, and urinalysis. Digital images allow us to get a better look at internal organs to see if any tumors or issues can be treated.

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